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You are Remarkable

What makes YOU remarkable?

Do other people know about your experiences and talents?

Do you self promote?

For most, self-promotion does not come naturally but have you ever actually sat down and listed your achievements? Once you put some thought into it, you will most probably even impress yourself.

YOU know that you are not just a Job title, YOU know that you have capabilities and accomplishments, YOU know the “self truths” that make you worthy of remarkable status, but why not tell others about it?.

Don’t sit around waiting for someone to recognise your achievements, Practice talking passionately about your skills, strengths and accomplishments in a way that feels right for you. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to talk about your talents and achievements with others.

Verbalising your achievements to others helps reveal your untapped potential to the people you are talking to and they will be more likely to make the right decisions about you.

What makes ME remarkable?

· I work hard to successfully balance a family and run a business

· I value people

· No matter what, I have a natural positivity and optimism that I am proud of

Start exercising your self-promotional skills now by looking at what makes YOU remarkable and posting your list here.

Own it and be proud to tell the world what you are great at.



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