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Passion well described

Hard work can and will float your boat, but Passion will blast off your spacecraft.

I enjoyed reading this article during my coffee break today and want to share these inspiring snippets from "The importance of passion as a business leader" written by Eugene Gold

"The road to success is more than just difficult -- it’s also overpopulated. Caring about what you do is necessary to successfully overcome competitors and any other adversity."

"Unlock both success and happiness by tapping into the power of passion."

Why is passion important?

"When people watch their favourite TV shows, the episodes tend to blur together and the hours slip by. Doing the work you love should feel the same. If you’re passionate, you should lose track of time and never feel like you’re ready to stop."

How can passion help you?

"Caring about what you do is also important in that it creates unbeatable perseverance. When the going gets tough, your rivals may throw in the towel, but struggling against the odds is easier when you care about the cause. Passion enables you to keep pursuing success in the face of adversity longer than anyone else."

How can you identify your passion?

"The easiest way to do this is to make a list of the jobs or tasks that you absolutely loathe. These are the things that you hate the most and that make you feel lethargic. Once you have eliminated these options, your true passion may become clearer."

"Ask yourself, do you enjoy what you do so much that you don't know where the hours have gone by the end of the day? Do you devote any, if not all, of your free time to that particular job? If your answer is yes, then you have already found your passion."

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